Provider Services at Sameday Health with Jessica Brewer, PA-C

Exclusively available in Manhattan Beach

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Aligned with our mission, Sameday Health’s new provider services offer transformative and convenient client-centered healthcare to our communities as quickly as possible.

Don’t wait to start achieving your personal health goals. Our provider services empower you to connect with a healthcare provider without the added hurdles of insurance, appointment wait times, and doctor’s approval for urgent testing needs. Schedule an appointment today.

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What can you see Jessica Brewer, PA-C for?

Physician Assistant, Jessica Brewer, is qualified to see patients for a wide range of healthcare needs. Offering over 10 different types of appointments, you can see our provider for annual physicals, weight loss, prescription refills, sexual health, and more.

Services Offered

Provider Office Visit
Lab Review Visit
Weight Loss Program + Labs
NAD+ Injections Package
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Testing
Athletic Clearance Exam
Female Fertility Panel
Chronic Fatigue Panel
Anemia Panel
Celiac Screening Test
Female Vaginitis Panel
Tuberculosis Blood Test
Other Lab Draws (B12, Hemoglobin, etc.)

How It Works


Schedule a date and time for your in-clinic consultation with Jessica Brewer, PA-C at our Manhattan Beach location.

Get TesteD

Develop a personalized health plan with our in-clinic provider and get tested.

Get Results

Receive your lab results securely via text and email.

What’s Next

Connect with our in-clinic provider to to review your lab test results and propose next steps for your health.

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